Ryan has won the R.E. Jervis Award!


The R.E. Jervis Award is provided by the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) and recognizes excellence in research and development carried out by a full time graduate student in nuclear engineering or related fields. It is awarded once a year. Congratulations to our PhD candidate Mojtaba Momeni for winning this prestigious prize.

Ryan's work is in materials degradation in the presence of a continuous flux of ionizing radiation, with a particular focus on encapsulant and container materials for long-term storage and disposal of radioactive nuclear wastes. He is currently working on two projects: modelling copper corrosion under radiation, and encapsulation of ion exchange resin wastes using geopolymers.

A summary of one of Ryan’s recent publications can be found here:

Research Spotlight: Modelling of Radiolytic Production of Nitric Acid

And more information about the R.E. Jervis Award can be found here: